Cruise Ship Manager – Beta Sign Up

Cruise Ship Manager is a new simulation game that allows players to build and run their own cruise liner, complete with 5 star restaurants, Casinos and swimming pools.

In Cruise Ship Manager you’ll be able to build your very own luxury cruise ship and take wealthy holidaymakers on epic voyages in the open sea. You’ll be able to kit your ship out with lots of … Read More

Hard West 2 – Beta Demo

Hard West 2 is a weird west turn-based tactical adventure that delivers a remarkably dynamic and flowing take to the genre.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Hard West 2 is a much improved sequel to the well received 2015 original. In the game you take control of a posse of supernatural outlaws and set out for a … Read More

Sons of Valhalla – Beta Demo

Sons of Valhalla is a Kingdom inspired 2D base-building strategy game with a big focus on player combat and one-on-one boss fights.

In Sons of Valhalla you take on the role of a Viking Jarl called Thorald Olavson who sets sail to save his beloved from her English captors. Unfortunately a storm wrecks your longboat and you wash up on the shores of England with … Read More