Global Conflagration – Open Alpha

Global Conflagration is a near-future real time strategy game that harkens back to the glory days of Command and Conquer.

In Global Conflagration you’ll be able to build and command your army as you face off against rivals in classic RTS battles. It clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Command and Conquer, with the military RTS gameplay, the units and even the … Read More

On the Shadows – Alpha Demo

On the Shadows is a very inventive little first person puzzler that plays with perspective in some mind-blowing ways as you move in three dimensions, but your shadow still exists and interacts with other shadows on a two dimensional plane.

On the Shadows is a game that takes a little while to wrap your head around and has some innovative mechanics that are a little … Read More

Tactical Crisis – Game Jam Build

Tactical Crisis blends turn-based tactics with Time Crisis-esque shooting gallery gameplay to create a fast paced and fun little bite-sized shooting strategy adventure.

Created for the Secret Santa Jam, Tactical Crisis is essentially Time Crisis reimagined as a turn-based tactics game. The game features traditional grid-based turn-based movement, but when you attack then the game shifts to a first person view and you use … Read More