Rise of Legions – Beta Download

Rise of Legions is an addictive 1v1 multiplayer castle siege RTS where you collect and deploy a wide range of units that you use to storm your opponent’s base.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta, Rise of Legions is now available on Steam Early access. It features fast based 1v1 RTS battles that take place along a giant causeway with … Read More “Rise of Legions – Beta Download”

Lifing – Alpha Demo

Lifing is a stylish tactical turn-based card game with roguelike elements where you explore floating hex tile-based planets and use your collection of monsters to conquer them.

The full game of Lifing will see you selecting one of eight playable heroes (each with their own deck, guardian and upgradeable spaceship), then embarking on a campaign that takes you across the galaxy, with wild creatures, minibosses … Read More “Lifing – Alpha Demo”