Lethal Honor: Essence – Pre-Alpha Download

Lethal Honor: Essence is a dark Sci-Fi fantasy roguelite hack n’ slash adventure where you combat Eldritch abominations in a beautiful hand-painted 2.5D world.

In each run of Lethal Honor: Essence you awaken as a new test subject with randomly assigned abilities, in a research facility that’s swarmed by demons. You must plot your course through the facility (a little like the map section in … Read More

Robo Rapture – Student Game Download

Robo Rapture is a tricky turn-based tactical mini-RPG where you control three unique units as they slay demons in a post-Rapture Earth.

Created by students at the Vancouver Film School, Robo Rapture units you in charge of a team of three robots as they fight their way through a post-Rapture Earth to take down the almighty Neo-Satan. Your units are hugely outnumbered and out-gunned so … Read More