Merge & Blade – Beta Demo

Merge & Blade features a very addictive fusion of match 3 puzzling and dungeon crawling auto-battling as you combine your fighters to form more powerful ones as you battle your way through a monster-filled kingdom.

The gameplay in Merge & Blade is split up into two phases – the match 3 puzzler phase and the auto-battling phase. During the match 3 phase you are given … Read More

Aquamarine – Alpha Demo

Aquamarine is a hand drawn Sci-Fi roguelite survival adventure where you explore the unknown depths of the ocean on an alien planet, with a hope of finding a way home.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Aquamarine blends roguelike, puzzle solving and survival elements as you explore a mysterious ocean after crash landing on an alien planet. From your base area you … Read More

Timberborn – Beta Demo

Timberborn is a lumberpunk city-building game where you manage a colony of industrious beavers as they build wooden cities and bring life back to the dry wastelands of Earth that mankind left behind.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year during the closed Beta sign up Timberborntakes place in a far flung future where mankind is long gone and beavers have risen up … Read More