VVV – Student Game Download

VVV is a spectacle-filled run n’ gun FPS that draws inspiration from 90’s action movies as a time-traveller blasts his way through hordes of Romans!

Created by students of ArtFX School, VVV is a short and bombastic FPS where you are sent back in time to fix the time-tampering of a malevolent organisation that’s given advanced technology to the Romans. You now need to blast … Read More

Endling – Beta Download

Endling is a cleverly crafted narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you live within a house that automatically adapts to your preferences, with an aim of making a perfect day that’s worth reliving.

In Endling you awaken in the bedroom of a pleasant looking house that’s filled with IKEA-esque furniture. As you awake you’re greeted by an AI voice (called IKEA) that talks to you as you … Read More

Were.Wolf – Student Game Download

Were.Wolf is a beautifully animated stealth action platforming adventure where a werewolf sneaks through a mysterious castle to break his curse.

In Were.Wolf you take on the role of a man who was turned into a werewolf and imprisoned in a castle. The castle owner appears to be behind it all and she has some very macabre practices. You need to sneak through the castle … Read More

Dies Mortis – Student Game Download

Dies Mortis is a visually stunning platforming adventure where you traverse vast liminal spaces that represent a metaphorical view of death.

In Dies Mortis you go on a journey that alternates between two worlds – a supermarket that symbolises an everyday element that you can hold on to, and a vast red-tinged world (called the Absentia) that’s filled with oppressive architecture. The supermarket sections are … Read More

There You Are – Student Game Download

There You Are is a beautiful and touching little stop-motion inspired narrative driven adventure about a teenage girl who is dealing with the grief of the loss of her mother.

Created by a group of students at USC Games, There You Are is a short and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure that follows the story of a teenage girl called Su, who is struggling to get … Read More