Forever Dream – Student Game

Forever Dream is a beautiful little experience where you leave behind your earthly body and go on a surreal trip through the afterlife.

You start Forever Dream in your apartment. It’s quite a functional and drab place, with some interestingly named books and an empty calendar signifies that you don’t have much going on right now. The color palate during this first section of the … Read More

The Other – Student Game

The Other is a thought provoking first person experience that explores themes of abuse and self harm as you enter a room and interact with three different objects in environments that various levels of emotional, psychological and philosophical depth.

There are no set objectives in The Other, you simply enter a room and decide how to interact with the three different objects and the … Read More

Just Humphrey – Student Game

Just Humphrey is a charming little point and click puzzle adventure that follows a cute little hamster named Humphrey as he finds himself trapped in a dollhouse.

Humphrey is a fairly unsociable little hamster who has lives a happy life in a cage on his own with all the food and drink he could ask for. However, one day one day while he was still … Read More

What If I Were Brave Enough – Student Game

What If I Were Brave Enough is a powerful little tale of regret as you struggle to forgive yourself for making the wrong choice one fateful day during your childhood.

In What If I Were Brave Enough you are an adult called Aiden who is reliving a childhood memory which causes you much anguish. The night in question starts with your mother and father arguing … Read More

Echoes of You – Student Game

Echoes of You is a beautiful little narrative driven adventure where a widowed father solves puzzles and relives memories of his triumphs and failings as a single parent.

In Echoes of You you take on the role of a father who is looking back on his life and completing a journal, with an aim to make amends with his estranged daughter before she moves away. … Read More