Rubber – Student Game Download

Rubber is a Crazy Taxi inspired open world driving game where you drive a taxi cab in a futuristic city of robots.

Created by a group of students from L’ESMA, Rubber is essentially Crazy Taxi in a city of robots. The gameplay is pretty similar to SEGA’s classic, with you picking up and dropping off your robotic customers as fast as possible before your time … Read More

Nakagin – Student Game Download

Nakagin is a Sci-Fi parkour platformer where you climb through a vast mechanical structure to stop a corrupted AI.

Created by students from L’ESMA, in Nakagin you are a robot who has been sent to find the core of a failing AI that’s causing chaos in the outside world. To do this you’ll need to scale a massive structure filled with shorter speed-running parkour courses. … Read More

Zenith – Student Game Download

Zenith is a stylish third person action platforming adventure where you explore an alien planet and gather fuel to power a portal home.

Created by students from The Game Assembly, Sweden, Zenith sees you stranded on an alien planet filled with floating islands. You need to make your way through the floating islands and collect enough power for your portal home, but there are also … Read More

Pararomantic – Alpha Demo

Pararomantic features a charming and strange fusion of first person exploration, horror and visual novel elements where you find yourself in a monster-filled tavern called the Inbetween.

Created as part of a university course, Pararomantic is a dating horror visual novel with PS1 styled visuals and oddly charming Studio Ghibli-esque monsters. In the game you stumble across a strange inn after getting lost in a … Read More