PEAK – Student Project Game

PEAK features a fun mixture of boss battling and SSX-esque boarding as you battle a giant flying alien manta ray while pulling off tricks and racing through a desert on a windsurfing sandboard.

In PEAK you take control of a character who uses a futuristic board with a windsail attached to it to race your way through its desert world. You can collect crystals … Read More “PEAK – Student Project Game”

A Falling Day – Student Project Game

A Falling Day is a powerful, personal and surprising narrative-driven experience about a father, a son and a tragic event.

It’s hard to say too much about A Falling Day without ruining the experience, but it’s very much a tale of two halves, with the first part playing like a visual novel and the second part allowing you to roam around in first person. It … Read More “A Falling Day – Student Project Game”

The Big Book of Riddles – Student Project Game

The Big Book of Riddles is a darkly humorous little narrative driven puzzle game where you attempt to answer the right answers in a riddle book while being guided through it by a melancholic narrator.

In The Big Book of Riddles you’re presented with a book that’s full of pop-up scenes which the narrator will then ask you a riddle about – such as “A … Read More “The Big Book of Riddles – Student Project Game”

Ducks in a Row – Student Project Game

Ducks in a Row is an adorable little physics based platforming adventure where you help a mother duck gather her missing ducklings in a puzzle-filled swamp.

In Ducks in a Row you control a mother duck who can walk, swim, sit, grab things in her mouth and quack. Quacking a useful skill as it allows you scare frogs and get your ducklings to follow you. … Read More “Ducks in a Row – Student Project Game”

Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game

Dungeons and Flatmates is a very funny Skyrim spoofing first person RPG adventure where you solve puzzles, complete quests, level up, chat to NPC’s and collect loot – all within the confines of your filthy shared apartment!

In Dungeons and Flatmates you take on the role of a flatmate who has been summoned to the “Kingdom of Filthiness” (your shared flat), where you will complete … Read More “Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game”