Scout’s Oath – Student Game

Scout’s Oath is a charming little third person puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little scout who must make his way through a burning clubhouse and save his friends.

In Scout’s Oath you take control of Clifford, a brave little scout who as just woken up to find that the scout’s clubhouse is on fire. You must now make your way through the burning … Read More

Kato – Prototype Download

Kato is a charming little 3rd person adventure which sees a dog spreading a little joy through a peaceful seaside town that’s been struck by tragedy.

In Kato you take control of a cute little doggie called Kato, who lives with his owner in a lighthouse in a peaceful seaside town. However, the town has recently been beset by tragedy, with a large portion of … Read More

Lilly – Student Game

Lilly is a tense first person horror adventure that sees you solving puzzles and unravelling an occult mystery in an creepy abandoned apartment.

In Lilly you find yourself searching for clues in a mysterious run down apartment where some bad things have gone down. As you explore you’ll discover more about the apartment’s previous inhabitants and unravel a dark mystery that revolves around two young … Read More

Eye Of The Beholder – Student Game

Eye Of The Beholder is a beautiful ball-rolling puzzle adventure where you work with local wildlife and solve freeform perspective based puzzles as you make your way through a mysterious ancient world.

Drawing inspiration from The Witness and the Museum of Simulation Technology tech demo by Pillow Castle, in Eye Of The Beholder you control a Monkey Ball-esque Sci-Fi orb as it journeys … Read More

Ropacy – Student Game

Ropacy is a tricky hand drawn platforming adventure where you can’t control the direction you move, but can use various jumping, gliding, boosting, slicing and burrowing abilities to overcome obstacles on your way to the beach.

Created by students LISAA Paris, Ropacy follows the story of a ghost who possess a rock to help her travel from the mountains to the beach. You can’t control … Read More