Dawn – Student Project Game

Dawn is a charming and chilled out non-combative third person platforming adventure there you use your green-fingered powers to bring life back to a dead tree at the center of the world.

In Dawn you take control of a druidic creature called Ash, who is on a quest to revive a huge dead tree that lies at the center of the world. Your path through … Read More

Tom Cruiser’s Bounty – Student Project Game

Tom Cruiser’s Bounty is a fun little on-rails space shooting romp where you fly through space and the vast city of Space Vegas, attempting to hunt down an evil mastermind called Peter.

In Tom Cruiser’s Bounty you take control of Tom Cruiser (possibly Tom Cruise’s great great grandson), a bounty hunter who is chasing an elusive target through space. The game takes around 15 minutes … Read More

Levedad – Student Project Game

Levedad is a beautiful contemplative experience where you watch the world around you change as you sit atop your roof taking long exposure photographs.

You spend the entirety of Levedad on top of the roof of your apartment taking long exposure photographs of your surroundings. You can take pictures of anything you like, using different exposure times and different filters to get different results. You … Read More

Fling to the Finish – Pre-Alpha Demo

Fling to the Finish is a tricky physics based dual control platforming/racing game where you (or you and a co-op partner) attempt to navigate challenging obstacle courses while your two characters are tethered together.

Playable in single player, local co-op or local competitive multiplayer your aim in Fling to the Finish is to guide two squishy ball shaped characters to the finish line as fast … Read More

Something in the Shadows – Student Project Game

Something in the Shadows is a very creepy first person horror game where you attempt to escape from a house where a shadowy entity haunts the paintings.

In Something in the Shadows you wake up in a house with notes stuck to the walls telling you to escape and a feeling that a mysterious force really doesn’t want you to be there. As you explore … Read More