Tae.exe – Student Project Game

Tae.exe is an incredible fourth wall breaking puzzle adventure that makes the file fiddling metagame of Doki Doki literature Club look tame.

In Tae.exe you find yourself inside a glitched dimension between video games with a rather untrustworthy narrator who’s trying to get you to give up and an NPC called Tae who’s trying to escape. Pretty much every character in the game is self … Read More

Heraclos – Student Project Game

Heraclos is a short and funny third person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you taking an unwilling hero on a quest bestowed upon him by a god (whether he likes it or not).

In Heraclos you take on the role of a young boy who trips over a buried amphora on his way back home. It turns out that this is no ordinary amphora and … Read More

En Garde! – Student Project Game

En Garde! Is a fantastic 17th century swashbuckling adventure that sees your heroine using her sword skills to defend her family’s honor and reclaim their palace from hostile intruders.

In En Garde! You take on the role of Adalia de Volador, a young and impetuous swordswoman who has returned to her family home to find it swarming with the guards under the command of a … Read More

T-Rot The Last Probe – Student Project Game

T-Rot The Last Probe features a challenging fusion of third person shooting and mazing-style tower defense as you attempt to defend cargo ships from robotic invaders.

In T-Rot The Last Probe you control a little robot that’s tasked with defending cargo ships from invaders. You do have some firepower in the form of guns and rockets, but to stand a chance against the invaders you’ll … Read More

Wahkan – Student Project Game

Wahkan is a beautifully drawn 2D physics based puzzle platforming adventure that sees you drawing structures to help make your way through a shaman’s mind.

In Wahkan you take on the role of a young native american who enters into the mind of your shaman to prove to the spirits that you are worthy of being his successor. The mind of your shaman is a … Read More