Pararomantic – Alpha Demo

Pararomantic features a charming and strange fusion of first person exploration, horror and visual novel elements where you find yourself in a monster-filled tavern called the Inbetween.

Created as part of a university course, Pararomantic is a dating horror visual novel with PS1 styled visuals and oddly charming Studio Ghibli-esque monsters. In the game you stumble across a strange inn after getting lost in a … Read More

Scent of Sorrow – Student Game download

Scent of Sorrow is an incredibly touching narrative driven adventure about a dog who wakes up lost in a forest with no sign of its owner.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Scent of Sorrow is a first person adventure viewed through the eyes of a dog who finds themselves lost in a forest. As you explore you can use your sense of smell to … Read More

The Longest Walk – Student Game Download

The Longest Walk is an incredibly powerful and insightful interactive experience that tells a father’s story of living with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Created by Alexander Tarvet, a lecturer and sPhD student at Abertay University, The Longest Walk is a walking simulator style game about one man’s struggles with depression. In the game you go for a stroll through a world made of a series … Read More

Impasto – Beta Download

Impasto is a beautiful painterly stealth horror adventure set within a twisted world painted by the tormented Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

Currently in development by a group of students from the University of Southern California, Otis College of Art and Design and California State University, Impasto puts you in the shoes of Francisco Goya’s grandson as he ventures into his grandfather’s dark and twisted painted … Read More