The Odyssey of the Mammoth – Student Game Download

The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a lighthearted little action adventure where a mammoth protects her child from nasty human hunters as she journeys through a beautiful 10,000 BC landscape.

Created by students from the Université du Québec, The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a delightful third person action adventure about a mammoth and her child. The game is narrated by a parody wildlife presenter … Read More

Even a White Rose Casts a Black Shadow – Student Game Download

Even a White Rose Casts a Black Shadow is a stylish narrative-driven puzzle adventure that explores how generational trauma is passed on.

Created by students of the Media Design School in New Zealand, Even a White Rose Casts a Black Shadow is a first person puzzle adventure set within various scenes throughout a troubled person’s life. In each scene you have to find three different … Read More

Aria – Student Game Download

Aria is a beautiful and tranquil third person exploration adventure where you swim and fly through surreal environments within your imagination.

Created by a group of students from the Media Design School in New Zealand, Aria is a narrative-driven exploration adventure set within large and serene imaginary worlds. In the game you take on the role of a young girl called Aria, who has been … Read More

Trains of Thought – Beta Download

Trains of Thought is a non-euclidean first person puzzle game set within a mind-bending subway complex filled with impossible spaces.

In each level of Trains of Thought your aim is to get from one train to another one via a connecting subway station. However, the subway stations are a little different from what you’d get in the likes of the London Underground. For starters there … Read More

Doors – Student Game

Ever wonder about every single door that you see in a video game? Well, to be honest, I haven’t either, but Doors really puts all of the different properties of doors in perspective, and seems to analyse the heck out of them.

Doors is a point and click adventure game where you play as detective Clickclick, who has been called to the Doors Inn, in … Read More