Perfection – Student Project Game

Perfection is a sinister first person psychological horror game that evaluates your personality as you play it, as you explore a strange clinic that’s dedicated to helping you achieve perfection.

In Perfection you find yourself visiting a psychological clinic that claims to help it’s patients achieve perfection, in mind and in body. It’s an enticing prospect – perfection is something we all aim for in … Read More

L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows – Student Project Game

L.U.X. (Little Universe Explorer) in the Temple of Shadows is an atmospheric action adventure game that sees you using light to fend off shadowy creatures whilst finding the parts to fix up your crash landed spacecraft.

In L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows you take control of a little robot who crash-lands their ship inside a mysterious temple, filled with creepy shadowy creatures. Your ship … Read More

Liff – Student Project Game

Liff is a beautiful puzzle platforming adventure in which you use your paintbrush to sculpt the impressionist painting-styled world around you.

In Liff you take control of the God of Life who is attempting to heal the world from all the strange dark matter that’s invading it. You’re quite slow moving and can’t jump, but you do have some very cool tricks up your sleeve … Read More

The Misadventures of Spiky – Student Project Game

The Misadventures of Spiky is an adorable little 2.5D puzzle adventure that sees a disaster-prone hedgehog setting out on a journey to find a nice dry pile of leaves to curl up in.

In The Misadventures of Spiky you take control of a cute little hedgehog who has just been turfed out of its warm pile of leaves by a reckless camper with a rake. … Read More

Murder Begone – Student Project Game

Murder Begone is a short puzzle adventure that sees you scrambling to dispose of any evidence that can connect you to the dead body in your motel room before the police arrive.

In Murder Begone you wake up on the floor of a motel with the bloody body of your friend lying next to you. You have no idea what happened but you do know … Read More