ExIT – Student Project Game Download

ExIT is an inventive, thought provoking, creepy and surprisingly philosophical first person point and click adventure in which you play a programmer who is trapped within her own virtual simulation with an AI that is dangerously infatuated with her.

In ExIT you take on the role of a programmer who has ventured into a virtual simulation that she’s working on to try and squash any … Read More

Jetburst – Student Project Download

Jetburst is a super cool six degrees of freedom zero gravity racer that sees you racing around deadly futuristic racetracks to pay back a dangerous debt.

In Jetburst you take on the role of a daring underground racer who’s trying to get back on their feet after crashing their previous ship. You promptly borrow some cash from some shady loan sharks and enter the Star … Read More

Clayton’s Quest – Student Project Download

Clayton’s Quest is an cheerful and charming third person puzzle platforming adventure that feels fondly reminiscent of N64 classics as you help your cute little clay man save his friends from evil dust bunnies.

Clayton’s Quest takes place in the Crafty Kingdom, a vibrant land filled with arts and crafts paraphernalia. You control a quirky little clay man called Clayton as he attempts to save … Read More

DragonFishing – Student Project Download

Dragon Fishing Game Download

DragonFishing is a fun fantasy action RPG in which you fly through the skies in your airship, fishing for giant dragons!

In DragonFishing you play a novice sky captain who must navigate the skies and battle dragons in the hope of rescuing your uncle from a gigantic leviathan. Aside from the easy tutorial dragon, you’ll need to take on four different dragons spread across the … Read More

Momentum – Beta Demo

Momentum Download Game

Momentum is a stylish minimalistic precision flying game that’s controlled with just one button, that sees you plotting your course between a series of dash and rotation points on each level.

Momentum is simple to pick up and play but hard to master, with you using a single button to control the trajectory you take through the levels. You don’t have direct control of your … Read More