Portable – Student Game Download

Portable is a charming little tower defense survival adventure where you explore the world by day and each night you set up a new base to defend you from monster attacks.

In Portable you take control of an adorable little bunny who was kicked off their airship by a rude crewmate who didn’t like you sleeping on the job. You now have to make your … Read More

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army – Student Game Download

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army is a fun little third person action adventure that sees you leading an army of demonic minions as you attempt to avenge the death of your father, The King of Hell.

In Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army you take control of Princess Darkfire – a princess of Hell, whose father has just been murdered by his aide Maidmon, in an … Read More

Cold Sun – Student Game Download

Cold Sun is a powerful little narrative driven third person stealth adventure where you and your little brother attempt to sneak into the last habitable oasis in a post apocalyptic world.

Created by students at UQAC, Cold Sun is a third person stealth adventure that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that’s running out of fresh water and is overflowing with garbage (just imagine the … Read More

Cosmosis – Student Game Download

Cosmosis essentially turns you into a cosmic Spider-Man as you swing around floating islands battling a powerful demon lord.

Created by a group of students students at AIE, in Cosmosis you step into the shoes of an apprentice mage, sent into a void to prove your worthiness in a final trial. This final trial gives you a little bit of time to master your nifty … Read More

Resurgence – Student Game Download

Resurgence is a stylish vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up where you can instantly freeze or rewind time to get the drop on your enemies.

In Resurgence you take control of a lone spaceship that’s on a mission to destroy the mothership of an alien fleet that’s threatening to destroy your home planet. The core gameplay of is similar to most classic arcade shoot ‘em ups … Read More