Life of Pigeon – Student Game Download

Life of Pigeon is a is a fun little physics based stealth game where you help a little pigeon sneak into a cafe, cause carnage, eat spicy food and drink coffee!

Created by students at Vancouver Film School, Life of Pigeon sees you taking on the role of a cute little pigeon who is being shown the ropes by his father. Today your father has … Read More

Momentum – Student Game Download

Momentum is a stylish Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you where you manipulate the time phases of different objects to make your way through a mysterious temple and stop the time continuum from falling apart.

Created by students at FutureGames, Momentum takes place in a future where humanity has figured out how to harvest time from different timelines. Unfortunately this has caused the … Read More

West of Time – Student Game

West of Time is an inventive little systematic puzzler where you rearrange objects in a Wild West scene to complete objectives and cause bloodshed.

Created by Students at the Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia, West of Time sees you embodying the Raven Spirit – a malevolent trickster who creates discord by manipulating objects and time. In the game you are presented with a bar … Read More

Meteora – Student Game

Meteora is a beautiful hand drawn puzzle platforming adventure where you can switch between seasons to alter the game world.

In Meteora you control a young looking man who happens to be the son of the God of Seasons. Being the son of the God of Seasons has its benefits – particularly the fact that you can instantly change the season at the touch of … Read More

Summit – Student Game

Summit is a third person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your ability to create elastic bonds between objects to help you climb the ruins of a mysterious old tower.

In Summit your character has the ability to shoot out little attachments which can link objects together with an elastic forcefield and draw them together. This is primarily used for moving large blue blocks around … Read More