Venice 2089 – Student Game Download

Venice 2089 is a wonderfully chilled out adventure that follows a bored teenager as she hoverboards through a rustic futuristic version of Venice, helping people and finding a little direction in her life.

Created by students of the Event Horizon School in Italy, Venice 2089 takes place in the futuristic (but also quite rustic looking) city of Venice in the year 2089. The city was … Read More

Crystal Call – Student Game Download

Crystal Call is a fast paced speedrunning first person parkour platformer where you run, dash, slide and shoot your way through fractured floating ruins.

Created by students at SMU Guildhall, Crystal Call is slick, stylish and challenging speedrunning-focused parkour platforming game. In each level you race your way through floating ruins, using your magical gauntlet as you dash, shoot, slide, jump and wall-jump your way … Read More

Phi – Student Game Download

Phi is a chilled out little minimalist action game where you control a weird snake/slug-like creature that squirms about and collects lost souls to take to their final resting place.

Created by students from DigiPen Institute of Technology, in Phi you take control of Phi – a strange shadowy snake-like creature that is tasked with gathering lost souls in the ancient ruins of a cold … Read More

Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey – Student Game Download

Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey is an inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little rock-man who has shattered his body, but can now shape his squishy core into lots of useful shapes!

Created by students at DADIU, Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey is a 3D puzzle platforming adventure that follows the journey of a weak little rock-man who is looking for acceptance. After being randomly … Read More

Folded Voices – Student Game Download

Folded Voices is a wonderful and uplifting little precision flying game where you attempt to pilot a paper plane through a children’s hospital to reach your friend.

Created by a group of 12 students from Playgroundsquad Sweden, Folded Voices is a relaxing and wholesome little flying game wset in a large childrens hospital where you send messages to your friend via paper planes. You pilot … Read More