Stockman – Student Project Game

Stockman is a Horde Mode style arena FPS, with fast paced gameplay, stackable perks and lots of different types of enemy to deal with across ten rounds of run n’ gun action.

Stockman features Horde Mode first person run n’ gun fun that’s easy to pick up and play by hard to beat. You start the game by choosing two abilities from a choice of … Read More

Curiosity – Student Project Game

Curiosity is a dark little first person Sci-Fi adventure where you take control of a drone that’s found life on an alien planet and is trying to send the data back home.

In Curiosity you control a research drone that’s been exploring the surface of a mysterious 9th planet that’s been discovered in the Solar system. You’ve been searching for years with no success. However, … Read More

Chiaroscuro – Student Project Game

Chiaroscuro is a stylish isometric dual-character puzzle adventure where light and dark spirits help each other to make their way to the afterlife.

Playable in single player of local co-op, Chiaroscuro sees a light and a dark spirit working together to allow them both to each their own specific exit in each level. The dark spirit can only move in the shadows and the light … Read More

Wirestrike – Student Project Game

Wirestrike is a very tough twin-stick bullet hell shooter where you can grab your enemies and swing them around like a wrecking ball – clearing bullets and destroying other enemies in the process.

In Wirestrike you control a lone spaceship that must blast its way through waves of deadly enemies. There are no power-ups to collect but you do have four special abilities (two offensive … Read More

The Luminist – Student Project Game

The Luminist is a third person action adventure where you use stealth, speed and an oil-filled grenade launcher to escape a long forgotten subterranean town that’s filled with deadly monsters.

In The Luminist you take on the role of Dietrich, a German mineworker who finds himself trapped deep within a phospholuminescent oil mine after an accident. As you explore the forgotten depths of the mine … Read More