Six-Gun – Student Game Download

Six-Gun is a very tense and stylish Wild West survival horror FPS where you attempt to escape a monster-filled mine with just six bullets in your gun!

Created by students at ISART Digital, Six-Gun is set in a 1880’s Wild West mine system that you wake up in. The mine in question is full of freaky monsters, keen to rip you to shreds. Fortunately, you … Read More

SKYE – Beta Download

SKYE is a wonderfully chilled out and breathtakingly beautiful little flying game where you pilot a seaplane around a painterly styled cluster of Scottish islands.

Created by students at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, SKYE is a delightful flying adventure where you hop in a seaplane, explore and carry out missions in a small fishing community set in the Scottish Hebrides. It’s not feature … Read More

Infamy’s Lab – Student Game Download

Infamy’s Lab is a fun little puzzle platforming adventure where you use mind control on cybernetic animals to help you traverse your laboratory that’s gone out of control.

Created by students of PÔLE 3D, in Infamy’s Lab you take on the role of a mad scientist who has lost control of his laboratory. Your cybernetic animal creations are out of control and you’ll need to … Read More

Path of Sramana – Student Game Download

Path of Sramana is a beautifully animated action platforming adventure where you venture into the spirit realm to save your father’s soul.

Created by students of the Animation Workshop, VIA University College and Sonic College, Path of Sramana is a beautifully drawn platforming adventure that follows a young shaman who enters the spirit realm after her father’s soul fails to return from his last shamanic … Read More

Sthlm Sunset – Student Game Download

Sthlm Sunset is a Horizon: Zero Dawn inspired open world action adventure where you fight back against a nefarious corporation that replaced all its workers with robots and chopped the legs off any workers that complained about it!

Created by a team of 30 students at The Game Assembly, Sthlm Sunset is a third person open world action adventure where you use your bow and … Read More