UNDEFEATED – Student Game

UNDEFEATED is essentially a perfect blueprint of how to make a great Superman game, allowing you to swoop around a large open city, fighting crime, saving civilians and battling dangerous supervillains.

Considering he’s one of DC’s most famous superheroes and that Batman has had a surprising amount of great games, it’s amazing how bad the official Superman games have been. Step forward UNDEFEATED, a … Read More

Cuby Dimension – Student Game

Cuby Dimension is a clever little puzzle game where you create Escher-esque optical illusions as you manipulate the game world to allow you to travel through it.

In Cuby Dimension you control a little cube that has to make it from the start to the end of each level. Initially this doesn’t seem possible, but you can pick up three useful abilities to help you … Read More

Depths of Europa – Student Game

Depths of Europa is an atmospheric subsea exploration game where you pilot a submarine through the mysterious seas of Europa (Jupiter’s moon), while being pursued by a giant sea monster.

Created by students of the University of Skövde, Depths of Europa puts you in the role of a submarine pilot whose aim is to transport resources and people between the various subsea research facilities in … Read More

Krypta – Student Game

Krypta is a challenging little precision platforming adventure where you use the recoil of you blunderbuss to propel you through the air as you attempt to retrieve a crown from a mysterious underground temple.

Created by students at The Game Assembly, Krypta is a tricky little platforming adventure where you jump, wall-jump wall-slide and use your blunderbuss recoil to make your way through a hazard … Read More

Dead Man’s Day – Student Game

Dead Man’s Day is a fun little time-looping first person Wild West puzzler where you attempt to change the events of the day to stop yourself from dying in a shootout in a Wild West saloon.

In Dead Man’s Day you are a saloon owner who ends up being shot during a game of cards after drawing the Dead Man’s Hand in a game of … Read More