Robo Rapture – Student Game Download

Robo Rapture is a tricky turn-based tactical mini-RPG where you control three unique units as they slay demons in a post-Rapture Earth.

Created by students at the Vancouver Film School, Robo Rapture units you in charge of a team of three robots as they fight their way through a post-Rapture Earth to take down the almighty Neo-Satan. Your units are hugely outnumbered and out-gunned so … Read More

The Strange High House – Student Game Download

The Strange High House is an atmospheric horror adventure based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Strange High House In The Mist“, where you search a small ancient house perched atop a high cliff for signs of your missing uncle.

In the The Strange High House you step into the shoes of the nephew of a philosopher called Thomas Olney. Thomas had recently taken a … Read More

Onlooker – Student Game Download

Onlooker is a creepy little psychological thriller where you uncover the confessions of a voyeur who peeped on guests via hidden passageways in an old hotel.

Created by a team of four students from Westerdals Oslo, Onlooker is a dark little first person thriller where you take on the role of a journalist who has been given a tip on a story at an old … Read More

Desiderium – Student Game Download

Desiderium is a touching little Gone Home inspired narrative driven experience about returning to your childhood home and rekindling an old friendship.

In Desiderium you follow a young woman who is returning home after a rather disastrous start at college. A lot has changed since she left, her room doesn’t feel like her own anymore and she drifted away from her best childhood friend. As … Read More

Out of the Game – Student Game Download

Out of the Game is a fun little first person puzzle game where you play games within the game to escape from a game within a game!

Created as a project for the Glasgow School of Art, Out of the Game is essentially the Inception of video games, with lots of game-within-a-game madness. It takes place within a small dorm room inside a video game … Read More