Yokai – Alpha Demo

Yokai is an inventive first person puzzle adventure where you use portals to rotate the world’s perspective in some mind-bending ways.

In Yokai you have the ability to place up to two portals in specific areas of the level. You can step through the portals to teleport through them, much like in Portal, BUT that’s not the really clever part of Yokai

The … Read More

SYMPHONIA – Student Game Download

SYMPHONIA is a beautiful hand animated musical platforming adventure where you awaken a clockwork orchestral world.

Created by students at ISART Digital, in SYMPHONIA you step into the shoes of a violinist who sets out to reawaken a slumbering clockwork world to play a beautiful orchestral concerto. Your violin and bow come in handy in various ways as you make your way through the world, … Read More

Death Live – Student Game Download

Death Live is a fast paced old school rail shooter where you use guns and gravity bending orbs to blast your way through a violent futuristic game show.

Created by a team of students from the ETPA Game Design School, Death Live sees you taking on the role of a contestant in a violent sport show that’s broadcast throughout the entire galaxy. It’s a rail … Read More

ASRA – Student Game Download

ASRA is a beautiful and elegant puzzle adventure where you use a virtual controller (at the side of the screen) made up of cylinders that you can rotate individually to move objects within a temple and create a path through it.

Created by students at ESA Saint-Luc Brussels, in ASRA you follow the adventure of a young woman as she makes her way to the … Read More

SKYE – Student Game Download

SKYE is a beautiful and chilled out flying exploration game where you pilot a seaplane around a small fishing community set in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Developed by a group of students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences and previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Beta, SKYE is a charming and chilled out painterly styled flying adventure where … Read More