Crisantemo – Student Game

Crisantemo is a short and stylish first person platforming adventure where you find yourself trapped in a strange ethereal world where your soul allows you to activate hidden powers.

In Crisantemo you find yourself alone in a mysterious land with only a spirit trapped with a water font to talk to. The spirit is friendly and intrigued by you as you have a soul – … Read More

Over The Clouds – Student Game

Over The Clouds is a beautiful, mysterious and chilled out little first person puzzle platforming game where you clean the corruption from the pillars of Olympus.

Taking place high up in the skies that once belonged to the Greek gods, in Over The Clouds you are tasked with restoring the filthy and corrupt ruins of Olympus to their former glory. You do this by simply … Read More

Blossom – Student Game

Blossom is a beautiful little third person puzzle platforming adventure where you surf through the skies and spread life throughout a dying island.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Blossom is an uplifting 10 minute platforming adventure where you control a spirit of nature who is tasked with revitalising a dying island. A lot of the time plant-life will blossom wherever you walk and on … Read More

Stellar Survivor – Alpha Download

Stellar Survivor is a Sci-Fi FPS/Tower Defense hybrid where you mine crystals and build defenses to keep your powercore safe from waves of aliens.

In Stellar Survivor you are stranded on an alien planet and must defend the powercore which helps you survive from waves of alien attackers. You have access to an assault rifle, a shotgun and a sniper rifle, all of which have … Read More

Katanga: River of Souls – Student Game

Katanga: River of Souls is a very tense first person stealth horror puzzle adventure where a machine that can extract human souls has created a monster that’s running amok in colonial Congo.

Created by students of ISART DIGITAL, Katanga: River of Souls is a beautifully crafted and very atmospheric stealth horror adventure set in colonial Congo. You have been subject to an experiment which has … Read More