Past Twelve – Student Project Download

past twelve game download

Past Twelve is a dark and surreal 2D horror adventure in which you play a young photophobic boy who is tormented by an ancient evil entity known only as ‘The Creature’.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, Past Twelve offers up a short and surreal slice of survival horror as you explore an apartment block that can change in the blink of an eye. Light … Read More

Bijou and Big – Student Project Download

Bijou and Big game download

Bijou and Big is a very well crafted puzzle platforming adventure in which you switch between control of two robots whose skills complement each other as you solve inventive puzzles, battle robotic wildlife and attempt to escape an alien planet.

Taking around half an hour to complete, Bijou and Big tells the tale of Bijou (a small spherical and agile robot) and Big (a large … Read More

Shell Shift – Student Project Download

Shell Shift game

Shell Shift is a super cool cyberpunk twin stick arena shooter in which you possess the bodies of fallen enemies, allowing you to utilize their skills against them in an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

In Shell Shift you are only a lone warrior against hordes of enemies, but you have one nifty attribute – you can shift into the bodies of the deceased … Read More

Dead Letters – Student Project Download

Dead Letters game

Dead Letters is a tense little cold war code cracking game in which you must decipher and call three different telephone numbers from messages that are played over the radio.

In Dead Letters you play a spy who needs to find a safe method of extraction to escape the country. To do this you’ll need to find out the phone numbers of your contacts by … Read More

Fusion Point – Alpha Download

Fusion Point game download

Fusion Point is a very tough non-combative 3D platforming adventure in which you run, jump, wall-run and dash your way through beautiful sci-fi environments and attempt to discover why your home planet is now in ruins.

In Fusion Point you control an agile adventurer who has just returned to his home planet after a long time away to find it in ruins. You must now … Read More