RoomScape – Student Project Game

RoomScape is a fantastic first person puzzle adventure with some very inventive puzzle design and a dark Sci-Fi narrative that sees you attempting to escape from a mysterious research facility.

In RoomScape you take on the role of a female protagonist who wakes up in a strange research facility. It soon becomes apparent that your memory has been wiped and a voice coming through the … Read More

Arashi – Student Project Game

Arashi is a super stylish speedrun focused freerunning platformer that sees you using a time-bending cybernetic enhancement to race your way through its multi-route levels.

In Arashi you take control of Arashi, a freerunner who is equipped with a multi-purpose cybernetic enhancement. This cybernetic enhancement allows you to boost, double jump, wall jump, smash through barriers, slow time and even stop time. You use these … Read More

HoverCab – Student Project Game

HoverCab is a simple looking but addictive arcade game that plays like a futuristic 2D version of Crazy Taxi, with you transporting passengers within time limits and earning cash for upgrades as you go.

In HoverCab you take on the role of a newly licensed hovercab who must pick up and transport passengers as fast as possible to earn cash. The gameplay draws inspiration … Read More

ExIT – Student Project Game Download

ExIT is an inventive, thought provoking, creepy and surprisingly philosophical first person point and click adventure in which you play a programmer who is trapped within her own virtual simulation with an AI that is dangerously infatuated with her.

In ExIT you take on the role of a programmer who has ventured into a virtual simulation that she’s working on to try and squash any … Read More

Jetburst – Student Project Download

Jetburst is a super cool six degrees of freedom zero gravity racer that sees you racing around deadly futuristic racetracks to pay back a dangerous debt.

In Jetburst you take on the role of a daring underground racer who’s trying to get back on their feet after crashing their previous ship. You promptly borrow some cash from some shady loan sharks and enter the Star … Read More