Kirigami – Student Project Download

Kirigami Game Download

Kirigami is a charming little point and click adventure in which you play a cute little cat who helps the residents of a beautifully crafted paper doll’s house.

The paper doll’s house of Kirigami is full of strange residents, who more often than not are missing something to make them happy. This is where you come in – an odd little cat wearing a onesie … Read More

End Time – Beta Download

End Time Game Download

End Time is an very well crafted time bending first person puzzler that plays like a blend of Portal and Superhot, which sees you solving physics (and time) based puzzles by pausing, rewinding and slowing down time.

You do pick up a gun of sorts in End Time, but it’s not for shooting enemies – it’s a time manipulation device that allows you … Read More

Senses High – Student Project Download

Senses High Game Download

Senses High is a super stylish blend of time bending and still-frame comic books, that sees you going forwards and backwards in time in individual frames to affect the outcome in other frames.

The time manipulation mechanics in Senses High can take a little time to wrap your brain around, but it’s pretty ingenious. You can left click on an individual comic book frame to … Read More

Contemp – Student Project Download

Contemp Game Download

Contemp is a short atmospheric first person horror adventure that has a incredibly high level of visual fidelity and environmental detail as you explore an abandoned house that may not be quite as uninhabited as you’d hope!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Contemp is fairly on-rails, with you going from room to room, triggering actions that allow you access to more … Read More

Ashes to Gunpowder – Student Project Download

Ashes to Gunpowder Game Download

Ashes to Gunpowder is a stylish 2D top down shooter inspired by Eastern mythology in which you play a lone archer who sets out to cleanse a land that’s been corrupted by malicious spirits.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, Ashes to Gunpowder offers a cerebral and tactical take on the top down shooter genre. The slow reload speed of your bow and arrow means … Read More