Cosmos Invictus – Open Beta

Cosmos Invictus is an easily accessible, but deeply strategic Sci-Fi collectible card game that sees you commanding a battalion of heavily armed mechs in 1v1 turn based tactical battles.

Set in a distant future where the human race has colonised much of the solar system, Cosmos Invictus sees you pledging an allegiance to one of two factions that are in an epic war over rare … Read More

Meow Wars – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

Meow Wars blends cats and cards as you assemble your team of Feling Ultra Rescue and Recognisance (FURR) agents and take down the evil Commander Catrat in card based battles inspired by War.

Coming to iOS and Android, Meow Wars is an easily accessible cat-filled card battler based on the classic game of War. It features a full campaign mode which sees you taking on … Read More