Jupiter Moons: Mecha – Beta Demo

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a single-player card-based roguelike mech combat game where you become a bounty hunting mech pilot who fights corrupted machines on the moons of Jupiter.

The narrative of Jupiter Moons: Mecha takes place in a distant future where mankind has colonized the moons of Jupiter. A war between megacorporations caused cities to be levelled, leaving a lawless frontier and awakening an ancient … Read More

The Amazing American Circus – Open Beta

The Amazing American Circus is a single-player deck-building game with business management elements, which sees you running your very own circus as it travels across the Gilded Age of the USA.

In The Amazing American Circus you’ll build a circus empire as you travel through late 19th century America. Key to this is keeping the audience entertained, which you do in card duels between you … Read More

Twilight Tower – Game Jam Build Download

Twilight Tower is a narrative-driven car-based horror roguelike where two companions try to climb out of a pit while sand rises up below them and threatens to engulf them.

Created for the Hexcode x Theme Showdown Jam, Twilight Tower is a card-based roguelike set within a massive stone labyrinth that has a pit in the center that continually fills with sand. It’s no ordinary sand … Read More