Shroom and Gloom – Game Jam Build Download

Shroom and Gloom is a deck-building first person dungeon-crawling adventure where you use cards to fight your way through a dungeon filled with mushroom monsters.

Created by Team Lazerbeam (creators of the excellent Snow Cones and Teenage Blob) and Evan Greenwood (one of the creators of Broforce & Genital Jousting), Shroom and Gloom is a deck-building dungeon crawling adventure set in a world … Read More

Jupiter Moons: Mecha – Beta Demo

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a single-player card-based roguelike mech combat game where you become a bounty hunting mech pilot who fights corrupted machines on the moons of Jupiter.

The narrative of Jupiter Moons: Mecha takes place in a distant future where mankind has colonized the moons of Jupiter. A war between megacorporations caused cities to be levelled, leaving a lawless frontier and awakening an ancient … Read More