Uncivil War – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

Uncivil War is a stylish PvE and PvP strategic card game for iOS and Android inspired by the classic card game War, that sees you recruiting soldiers, building decks and battling against enemies in matches that are designed for those who enjoy the likes of Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone but would prefer a faster gameplay experience.

Uncivil War pits North against South in … Read More

Starborne: Sovereign Space – Alpha Download

Starborne: Sovereign Space is a massively multiplayer 4X real time strategy game in which thousands of players explore and expand their empires across the galaxy in games that climax every six months.

Massively multiplayer real time strategy games are nothing new, but Starborne: Sovereign Space brings beautiful 3D visuals, exploration, collectible cards and empire expansion to the genre. The current Alpha campaign will take place … Read More