The Con Simulator – Alpha Download

The Con Simulator features an interesting combination of card-based tabletop strategy and business simulation as you attempt to build your own Anime convention empire.

In The Con Simulator you aim is to organise popular and profitable Anime conventions, complete with booths, stages, catering and utilities. You purchase venues then fill them with your attraction and hire staff such as guards, cleaners and cosplayers – being … Read More

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Open Beta

Magic: The Gathering Arena is now in Open Beta, so everyone can jump in and check out Wizards of the Coast’s fast paced, streamlined and more modern take on the classic Magic: The Gathering card-battling.

As we mentioned during the closed Beta sign up, Magic: The Gathering Arena aims to deliver a more easily accessible, visually spectacular and spectator friendly take on the long … Read More

Grand Guilds – Alpha Demo

Grand Guilds is a narrative driven turn based tactical RPG adventure that uses an innovative card-based combat system as you fight to stop the beautiful fantasy world of Irin from falling to darkness.

In Grand Guilds you take control of Eliza Stalfort, a member of a respected magical guild, as she leads a band of merry misfits to unravel a mysterious plot which may tip … Read More