ManaRocks – Beta Download

ManaRocks is a “Seasonal Card Game” – a tactical turn based card battling game where everyone starts each season with the same basic cards and unlocks are earned through playing during those seasons.

CCG’s are often impenetrable to newcomers as their basic decks can’t compete against long term players’ advanced decks. ManaRocks addresses this issue by splitting the game into seasons that take place throughout … Read More

Mythgard – Open Alpha

Mythgard is a single-player and online multiplayer collectible card game set in a modern fantasy world where dragons share the skies with airliners and a gods of ancient legend walk the streets.

The tactical CCG battles of Mythgard take place in a world of modern mythology where the majority of the greater gods have killed each other in previous conflicts and the remaining lesser gods … Read More

Lifing – Alpha Demo

Lifing is a stylish tactical turn-based card game with roguelike elements where you explore floating hex tile-based planets and use your collection of monsters to conquer them.

The full game of Lifing will see you selecting one of eight playable heroes (each with their own deck, guardian and upgradeable spaceship), then embarking on a campaign that takes you across the galaxy, with wild creatures, minibosses … Read More