Sound Typist – Beta Download

Sound Typist is a fun little app that plays differently themed sound effects every time you type – from simple Typewriter clacking noises, to fireworks, crowds cheering or musical melodies!

Sound Typist is more of an app than a game, but it’s a fun little toy that helps relieve some of the drudgery of your day-to-day work so it deserves a shoutout on Alpha Beta … Read More

Random Access Character – Game Jam Build Download

Random Access Character is a fun little playtoy that allows you to randomly generate characters out of everyday objects and watch them strut their stuff.

More of a fun little playtoy than a game, Random Access Character is an addictive little oddity that randomly generates a new character every time you click the mouse. The building blocks for these characters are brightly colored and boldly … Read More

Don’t Push The Red Button – Beta Download

Dont Push The Red Button Game Download

Don’t Push The Red Button is a funny little game that trolls you in lots of sneaky ways, by placing you in a room and trying to get you to press the big red button in the middle of it!

You start Don’t Push The Red Button alone, in a room with a single little red button and lots of ‘helpful’ advice in the form … Read More