Daemmerlicht – Alpha Demo

Daemmerlicht is a beautiful and surreal third person adventure about powerlessness, where you find yourself trapped in a dark nightmarish world that’s drenched in the red rays of an eternally setting sun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called Dusk Ends All Light, Daemmerlicht is a very stylish and atmospheric open world adventure where you are a little orb-like vessel that’s … Read More

TemTem – Beta Sign Up

TemTem is a charming looking Pokémon inspired massively multiplayer creature-collecting adventure set in an archipelago of floating islands.

Looking very much like an evolution of the classic Pokémon style monster-collecting RPG adventure, TemTem sees you trying to catch ‘em all and become the ultimate TemTem trainer. The main difference here being that it’s set in a massively multiplayer online world, allowing you to go on … Read More

Fish and Plastic – Game Jam Build

Fish and Plastic is a very tough and thought provoking little game where you control a fish as it attempts to swim through increasingly polluted waters.

Created for the Alakajam game jam, Fish and Plastic attempts to highlight the crisis that sea-life is facing as its ecosystem is destroyed by pollution and overfishing. You take control of a fish as it swims ever-forward, whilst attempting … Read More

The Half Creature, Half Camera Game – Student Game

The Half Creature, Half Camera Game is a fun little game where you control a wobbly limbed walking camera which can uncover hidden passages in the game world by taking pictures of areas that don’t match what you see on your viewfinder.

In The Half Creature, Half Camera Game you control an adorable little camera with ragdoll physics and wobbly little limbs. Your back panel … Read More