Cathode Way – Game Jam Build Download

Cathode Way Game Download

Cathode Way is an incredible blend of first person exploration and 2D puzzle platforming in which you guide a 2D avatar through a series of interconnected cathode ray TV’s that are scattered across a beautiful 3D island.

There’s a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere about the island in Cathode Way that’s fondly reminiscent of The Witness, especially with the all TV screens scattered around the area. The TV screens don’t contain single, stand alone line/grid based puzzles though, they’re a series of interconnected screens that make up a short and well crafted puzzle platforming adventure!

In Cathode Way you switch between control of your first person character and the little 2D avatar on the monitors by pressing the left mouse button. When the little 2D avatar exits the screen you’re looking at, your view will automatically snap to the next monitor, but a lot of the time you’ll have to move in first person to get a better view. Some areas of the island are gated off though, and you’ll need your little 2D avatar to activate switches to open up the way.

Considering Cathode Way was created during just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38, the level of polish, inventive puzzles and creative world design are simply fantastic. Hopefully the devs continue to work on it as it’s a brilliant premise and they were hoping to create third and fourth areas but ran out of time (though it’s hard to be disappointed at all with this perfectly formed 10 minute adventure). A remarkable little puzzle platforming adventure that we can’t recommend highly enough.

Download Cathode Way Here (Windows)