catlateral damage

Catlateral Damage is a first person mischievous cat simulator, where your objective is to knock as many of your loving owners belongings onto the floor within a 2 minute time limit.

It’s a fun game, and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from knocking things over and making a mess (That’s probably why cats do it in the first place).  The Alpha features breakable objects, multiple rooms, normal mode, time trial mode and sandbox mode that gives you access to half of the house.

The full game will feature more levelsmore items to destroy, new gameplay modes (including stealth mode), better graphics, sfx and music, achievements and Occulus Rift support.  It’s a great game, and gives you a little insight into why cats destroy things – because it’s awesome fun!  On your marks… get set… destroy!!

Watch a Lets Play of it HERE

Play in a Unity supported browser HERE or Download the Alpha HERE (Linux, Mac & Win)

UPDATE: Catlateral Damage just started it’s Kickstarter Campaign, check it out HERE


  1. This game is illegal amounts of fun. Also, I think I might’ve been meant to be a cat, judging by how good I am at this.

  2. Great game!

    Some critique for you;

    I appreciate the snes sounds approach but being able to hear glass break and the like would make me a much happier cat, not to mention having glass and the like actually break through physics would be awesome.
    Why not put it on kickstarter!

  3. I want this game to be greenlite on steam, with more levels and better cat sounds and different cat races. I will pay for it, whatever you want!!!!!

  4. The art style reminds me of the Katamari Damaci franchise, which lead me to think how awesome it would be if there was some sort of “campain” mode where after you knock over a certain amount things the door would open to more rooms and it would give you more time.Also this game could really use some music to enhance the flow of the experience instead of feeling like you are replaying the same expeireince repeatedly it would feel like you are just trying again because while you may have to start over the music still moves on giving a since of progression and if the song is longer than 2 minutes people may end up playing the game more because they would want to finish listening to the song and why not play it again while listening the game is really fun after all!

  5. This should deffionatily be a real game.
    Anyways my feedback would be this:
    more levels (example: student room, rich people mansion, ordnairy house, kitchen level etc.)
    different sorts of playstyles (knock over as much as u can in 1 min, get X amount of points in Y time to get to the next room, etc.)
    different sounds (and perhaps add music which can loop?)
    higher ressolution (more textures and rounder objects?)
    perhaps stamina for cat to jump/sprint or something which you can restore by eating or something?
    different cat styles (ginger cat, furry cat, black and white cat)
    tutorial in the beginning
    more different style objects (there loads of other things that people have in their room trust me!)
    some curtains or other objects you can jump on and then glide down whilst having your nail down them? Instead of just knocking stuff over?

    maybe get an atist to do some textures for you? Cause it is pretty low style right now :)

    But yes was loads of fun!

  6. What a great concept. Perhaps extra points for specific objectives, like knocking a toothbrush into a toilet, or knocking over paint/nail polish and then walking through it so you leave paw prints all over. I liked Lonneke’s suggestion about gliding down something like jumping onto a curtain and shredding it with your claws as you glide down it. Maybe in a later level you could start a fire in the kitchen and burn the whole house down, then become feral, rule the streets, and mess up other random houses. What a fun concept, can’t wait to see more!

  7. Very fun! Could use a slightly lower resolution though. I can’t fit the whole playscreen in my monitor’s view and I’m not running on a ye olde 600 x 800 neither.

  8. I’d definitely pay for a full game. I love the concept; so addictive lol.

    Might I suggest more levels with different rooms. It would be fantastic if you just had an endless sandbox mode after you finish everything where you can take your proud cat time to make sure to knock over every single thing. Also, being able to pick different colored cat paws would be a cute small detail to add in.

  9. You should do a stealth mode where you try to knock stuff over without raising the agro of the owner while still completely messing up the room. Maybe while they are studying or watching a moving on their computer.

    Is there a way to invert the mouse?

  10. Really brilliant and hilariously dumb concept for a game. Good job!

    I will add to the list of suggestions on this page by saying I think the game is more fun as just a sandbox without any time limit. I would just like a whole house full of different things to knock over and I’m free to knock over as much as I like.

    Still was really fun and I felt like a real cat for a minute. :)

    • Ah, I wasn’t aware that this was not the dev blog. Will repost there. :) Thanks for sharing though.

  11. Pros:
    – this is like Airfix Dogfighter but with paws instead of planes. Hell I love it.

    – needs Havok engine and ginger cat DLC.
    – needs a button to stop and purr.
    – needs boxes to hide in.

    PS: I’m willing to pay for the final game.

  12. Except that cats know it’s “free rein”, not “free reign”.
    As opposed to “reign of terror”, which cats also know…

  13. OK, so I got 38k points in 2 mins and had tons of fun throwing all sorts of stuff to the ground… anyone who says I haven’t won big time is _just wrong_.

    Seriously, that “You lose” message is so out of place. “Game over, final score = …” would be much more appropriate. And then of course if you add things like levels, or challenges of increasing difficulty, it will still convey a “you lost” message too – at least compared to “Level cleared” or “Challenge complete”.

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