Cato – Beta Demo

Cato is a delightfully creative puzzle platformer where you simultaneously control a cat and a slice of buttered toast, which can combine to form an anti-gravity cato.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a game jam prototype, Cato is a puzzle platformer based on the buttered cat paradox (a cat always lands feet first and toast always falls buttered side down, so attaching the toast to the cat’s back will cause anti-gravity). You control the cat with the analog stick and you can make the toast jump in different directions with the bumper buttons, and if you combine the cat with the toast then you can fly. You need to use these abilities to conquer a series of cleverly crafted levels.

It’s a very fun premise and the way you simultaneously control both characters is very inventive. Combined with the creative level design and the cozy pixel art visuals, it makes for a purrfect puzzle platformer. Highly recommended.

Download The Cato Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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