Catoon – Game Jam Build Download

Catoon is a fun little first person cat simulator where a newly adopted kitten attempts to catch mice and spread their scent throughout their new home.

Created for 7dps 2021, Catoon is a short and silly little first person cat sim about a newly adopted kitten who’s been left alone in their new house. A cat’s prerogative is to claim things with their scent and you are no different, so you quickly set about spreading your scent on every single object in the house – from table-legs to TVs and entire walls. As you progress you unlock new kitty powers (such as speed boosts and wall-climbing) and there are also a few mice to catch too.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little game that feels like a fusion of Catlateral Damage and Splatoon. The way your little kitten scampers around the house is a delight and the upgrades come thick and fast. It’s well worth taking 10 minutes to unleash your inner kitty-cat.

Download Catoon Here (Windows)