Cats on Broombas – Beta Demo

Cats on Broombas is a cozy little MS-DOS puzzle game where cute little cats sit on Roombas and collect stars.

In each level of Cats on Broombas your goal is to get your cat to collect all of the stars. The cats sit atop Roomba-style vacuum cleaners which move in a straight line and turn 90 degrees to the left when they hit an obstacle. You need to place obstacles in each level to make sure the Broomba goes in the correct direction and collects all of the stars.

The puzzles may seem a little basic at first, but once you complete a few they start to get surprisingly tricky and different objects are introduced that allow for some very inventive level design. The pixel art visuals and cute little cats are delightful and it all makes for a fun little puzzler that’s very hard to put down.

Download The Cats on Broombas Beta Demo Here (Steam)