Cave of Generations – Game Jam Build Download

Cave of Generations download

Cave of Generations, a challenging retro platformer made for the GM48, has you playing an endless line of generations that are attempting to get to the bottom of the cave to find some treasure!

In Cave of Generations, you have to make your way through a system of caves that are full of deadly spikes that can cause an instant death to a careless adventurer. Some spikes can be walked in front of, but not jumped on, while others cannot be touched at all. You must remember and take in consideration which spikes are by you as you move around.

You do have a gun in this game, though the gun is not for shooting enemies, but instead for breaking unstable blocks that are in the way of the path you are trying to take. When you die in this game, these blocks stay broken, providing shortcuts and easier ways to get down deeper. Your body also stays in the cave after you die, decomposing and becoming a skeleton. Time passes and you start again as a new generation of adventurer, attempting to make it further than the last.

Getting to the bottom of the cave will be quite the feat, hopefully you will make it there someday! Each attempt does get you closer and closer to that rumored treasure and each generation will also leave a little note on one of the signs. How many generations will you sacrifice to reach the treasure?

Download Cave of Generations Here (Windows)