Cave of Past Sorrows – Game Jam Build Download

Cave of Past Sorrows is a very tough little action platformer that puts you in a looping bullet hell arena where that you share with previous versions of yourself and have to dodge the bullets they fire!

Created for the Black and White Jam, Cave of Past Sorrows is a bullet hell shooter where you create the bullet hell. The game is played in rounds and sees you attempting to shoot enemies with bouncing bullets and survive until the timer runs out. However, all of your movements, gunfire and the enemy movements are recorded and loop around again in the next round. The arena does widen out a little every couple of rounds, but even so all the bullets and enemies bouncing around the place make for a very congested play area and you’ll need some quick reflexes to survive!

It’s a great little game with excellent pixel art animation, challenging gameplay and a cleverly implemented looping system. You really are your own worst enemy in Cave of Past Sorrows.

Download or Play Cave of Past Sorrows Here (Windows & Browser)