Cave Swing – Game Jam Build Download

cave swing

Cave Swing, a fun and simple arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you swinging through caves while trying not to hit the sides.

You control a small dot who swings on a rope through a cave. Using your momentum, you must work on clicking the cave at the right time, to shoot out a rope, and move forward. You can right click to shorten the length of your rope to avoid the cave wall or cause more momentum. There are many coins spread around each level, which can be collected to gain more points.

This game may have a simple concept, but it’s far from simple to master. Sometimes, there are tight gaps that you must get your dot through. You’ll need precision timing as you swing and change the length of the rope to make it through the caves. It’s a tough game that hooks you in with simple controls, but will keep you playing with super challenging gameplay.

Download Cave Swing Here (Win Only)