Caveman Warriors – Alpha Demo

Caveman Warriors game

Caveman Warriors is a fun new side scrolling action platformer that plays like a blend of Trine and Joe & Mac, as you take four differently skilled cavemen (and cavewomen) on an epic adventure packed full of old school arcade action, colourful characters and giant bosses to battle.

Caveman Warriors draws inspiration from Trine, Metal Slug, New Super Mario Bros and Castle Crashers, but by far the biggest influence is the 16bit classic, Joe & Mac. Up to four players can go on a prehistoric action platforming romp, battling cavemen, dinosaurs, monsters and bosses as they travel across the vast vibrant game world. The action platforming gameplay is very similar to Joe & Mac (two of the characters are even called Moe and Jack), but each character has their own stats and abilities, with you able to switch between them Trine-style at the touch of a button when you need to use their skills.

It’s a fun game with colourful cartoony visuals, a nice sense of humor, easily accessible co-op and lighthearted action platforming gameplay. It feels very much like a sequel to the Joe & Mac series, adding a welcome layer of modern game design to the classic dino-bashing arcade gameplay. A colourful caveman caper well worth checking out.

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Download The Caveman Warriors Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)