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cavern kings

Cavern Kings is a highly addictive procedurally generated infinite action platformer with gameplay inspired by Super Crate Box and the increasing difficulty aspects in Risk of Rain.

In Cavern Kings you mine down, level by level, killing as many enemies and collecting as much loot as you can on your way.  Each time you play you’ll collect one random melee weapon and one random long range weapon to last you for the run, each one decidedly different from the last.  There are also 50 assorted power-ups that you’ll collect on your descent, helping you get that bit deeper, slowly accumulating and turning you into a digging death machine.

As well as the large assortment of monsters you’ll meet there are also boss monsters to impede your descent.  These bosses are extremely tough, so it’s best to take your time on each level, collecting as much loot and levelling up as much as you can before you meet them.

The random weapon system, huge variety of power-ups and procedurally generated levels make for a slightly chaotic and seriously addictive game where each playthrough is truly unique.  Combined with the excellent chiptune-style soundtrack and crisp pixel art visuals, this makes Cavern Kings a game well worth digging up.  Superb Spelunking.

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6 thoughts on “Cavern Kings – Beta Download”

  1. Love the game. Very reminiscent of Risk of Rain. I think you should probably nerf the floorspikes since those are the ones that kill the player about 75% of the time. It’s kind of frustrating when you are around lev 20~ and can deal with the mobs, even though it’s a challenge, only to see you character die in less than a second because the floor spikes were covered by gems. Either lower the hit/frame ratio or the damage. Perhaps a fixed “always 10% of the health” or something?

    Again, great game. :)

    • Awesome, glad you liked it! And sincere thanks for leaving feedback. We try to encourage as much constructive feedback as possible :)

      • Thx. I’m currently at lev 29 with approx 7000 health. Nothing much can withstand 20 or so drills with all the explosion/gas/electro/size-buffs you could ask for.

        2 questions: 1) Is the increased gravity a result of the number of pickups or the depth and does it have a max limit. Currently i get about 1/2 line height for each jump. 2) Is the purple mobs, drill boss and the golden chests the current top tier or are there more? If not; do you plan to implement more/higher level stuff?

        Looking forward to this games final release. :)

  2. I love this game, but I’m only able to play its previous versions because I am running through wine on a macbook. when I try to open this new version, it says, cabinet not valid. I would love if you made a port or if you have any tips on how to fix this. As for the game itself, I agree that the spikes need to be nerfed, and I think that you also need to balance the weapons more. I find that the nail gun becomes extremely powerful with power ups and decimates everything. I got to level 15 before the game crashed on me. The TNT cannon is interesting, but I usually end up killing myself with it trying to fight enemies close to walls. The harpoon gun and drills are good, but they simply can’t compare to the nail gun. I also liked switching characters in the previous versions, please bring that back. Also, different stats for each character would be an interesting twist as well. I don’t know if I’m missing any parts of the game since I haven’t unlocked them, as i’ve only been able to play on friends’ computers. As for the huge drills coming after you, I think they’re a nice addition so as to discourage grinding on easy levels, but the game could use a little bit of a story, at least something to explain the bosses and huge drills. Other than that, it’s an amazing game I look forward to when it comes out on steam.

  3. I can’t seem to run this. I get a message explaining that it’s in beta and then it fades away, leaving me with a black screen…

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