Cavern of Dreams – Beta Demo

Cavern of Dreams is a delightful N64 styled 3D platforming adventure where a little dragon travels to strange worlds in search of his missing siblings.

Drawing inspiration from N64 classics such as Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, Cavern of Dreams is a 3D platforming adventure filled with nostalgia, charm and secrets. In the game you take control of a cute little dragon whose unhatched siblings have fallen into the Cavern of Dreams. You now need to go in search of them, but there is a nefarious villain who’s out to stop you.

Cavern of Dreams plays much like a Mario/Banjo style N64 platformer, with you able to freely explore the worlds and discover the many mysteries within them. There’s not much in the way of combat though – it’s much more about exploration, puzzle solving and platforming. There are also lots of NPCs to meet and plenty of collectibles and secrets to find.

It’s a very wholesome and charming experience that draws from those classic N64 platformers, but also manages to have its own vibe. The movement feels great (the rolling is a nice touch) and the beautifully crafted world is a delightful place to explore. Highly recommended.

Download the Cavern of Dreams Beta Demo Here (Steam)