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Cavern of Flight game

Cavern of Flight, a challenging puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you searching through a dark cavern for the power of flight, while evil spider monsters try to eat you.

In Cavern of Flight you are exploring an old cave system in search of some mythical wings which are rumoured to grant the wearer the ability to fly. There isn’t much light around – other than a few rogue torches. You have your own flashlight to use both to see the area around you, as well as to scare off the monsters lurking in the dark. These monsters come in the form of giant spiders that move around the cavern. As they come near you to eat you, you can sort push them back with your light. As soon as your light beam moves off of them, they will continue your way.

While exploring the cave, you can find check points as well as lights that will turn on. You will also come across glowing humanistic shapes. If you collect these shapes, you will soon gain the ability to fly. Spiders will still come after you, but you will be able to explore areas a bit faster and get to places you were unable to explore before.

Cavern of Flight impresses with it’s tense atmosphere and terrifying spider monsters – sure, the light will hold them back a little, but you’ve got to turn your back some time, and when you do you’d better RUN!

Note: You can climb up the grass, as if it is a ladder (See the GIF above)

Download Cavern of Flight Here (Windows Only)

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