CEFORE – Alpha Download

CEFORE is a fun physics based puzzler in which you use a selection of demolition tools to destroy structures and gather valuable data (without getting splatted yourself).

We first featured CEFORE on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha last year and found it to be a charming and carnage filled physics based puzzler. In the game you take on the role of Baro, an intergalactic contractor who’s been tasked with gathering blue blocks of data from various planets throughout the galaxy – which you do by blowing things up and generally making a mess.

The current build of CEFORE serves as a nice introduction to its destruction based puzzling. In each level you have to place a beacon then use some of your tools to move the blue blocks within range of the beacon where you can collect them. If any red blocks are touching the ground around the beacon then you won’t be able to harvest the blue blocks, so you have to try and keep them clear of the area. You have a small, but useful collection of equipment – small, bombs, medium bombs, warp zones, grapples, hot air balloons and support poles – all of which have their uses and some of which can cause some serious destruction if placed correctly.

CEFORE is still very early in development so only has a handful of levels at the moment, but it’s already a very polished experience, with stylish 3D visuals and lots of demolition fun to be had. It’s shaping up to be a great game and is bound to be a blast when a level editor is implemented so players can create their own destructible constructions. A delightful little physics based puzzler well worth pulling the trigger on.

You Can Follow The Development of CEFORE in the Discord Group Here

Download The CEFORE Alpha Here (Windows)