Celaria – Alpha Download


Celaria is a fast paced first person parkour game in which you can race across vast, open levels plotting your route carefully with an aim of achieving the fastest time possible.

Comparisons can be made to Mirrors Edge, but Celaria feels like a much more streamlined experience that focuses on what’s important – cool parkour movement and getting from A to B as fast as possible.  There’s a nice amount of variety in the levels, and the colored blocks that are scattered around strategic points have specific properties (eg. green makes you jump higher).  There’s a good selection of levels in the current build, but players can also create their own through the games in-built map-editor, and there’s even promise of online multiplayer in the full game.

Even in these early stages of development, Celaria is a fun and focused parkour platforming experience well worth lacing up your running shoes for.  Fast, fluid, free-running fun.

Check Out The Celaria Greenlight Page Here

Download The Celaria Alpha Here (Windows Only)

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