Centipede Gun – Beta Demo

Centipede Gun is a very addictive roguelite auto-battler where you blast enemies and add weapon modules to grow your centipede.

In each round of Centipede Gun you need to fend off three waves of enemies, collect cash and then purchase gun and skill/perk modules to add to your centipede. Perks only affect guns if they are placed next to them, so there’s a little strategy in the centipede construction. You can level up modules by placing the same type atop another, and there’s also the added factor that the bigger you are, the easier you are to hit.

It’s a simple and addictive game with a great loop of combat and centipede building. You can amass a serious amount of firepower and there’s a nice amount of strategy to the building. Cute and creative centipede fun.

Download The Centipede Gun Beta Demo Here (Steam)