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certainty condition game

Certainty Condition is a very impressive time, space and physics-bending first person puzzle game where you explore a strange mansion, solving inventive puzzles that reward lateral thinking.

Developed by three students at the Vancouver Film School, Certainty Condition plays with perspectives and scaling of objects to create a game that not only challenges your grey matter, but also looks fantastic.  Allthough the laws of physics are routinely broken throughout the game, there’s a prevailing logic which makes sense in its own kind of way – such as allowing you to rotate a whole room to reach something that’s on the ceiling.

Available to play in Oculus Rift or on a standard screen, Certainty Condition is a triumph of game design, offering up great visuals and some particualrly mind-bending puzzles.  You don’t know anything for certain in Certainty Condition.


DO NOT PRESS THE SPACEBAR!  It doesn’t make you jump, it sends you back to the start.

Watch a playthrough of the first few puzzles HERE

Download Certainty Condition HERE

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    • Hi! sorry, I’m not sure what the problem is. I didn’t experience any issues with the camera. This probably seems like pretty lame advice, but if I ever have issues like that with games I’ve usually left a control pad plugged in or failing that restarting the computer usually sorts it.

      Hope you get it working! :)

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