Cervidae – Game Jam Build


Cervidae, a short, strange and beautiful little game made for the Ludum Dare 37, sees you in an ever changing room that tells a bittersweet tale of a man, some deer and the passing of time.

You start Cervidae in a strange, cold room. The only thing in this room is a phone that begins to ring. You can walk up and interact with the phone, but then the room will then transform and give you an new object to interact with. Each time the room changes, you will need to find another object to interact with before you can progress. Sometimes, you will need to go backwards, changing the room to a previous state, to then find a new object and go forward.

There are some light puzzle elements that basically just involve you picking up an object in one place and using it somewhere else. But Cervidae isn’t about puzzles, it’s about enjoying seeing the emotional little narrative play out via some beautifully crafted pixel art scenes. A short but very touching experience well worth taking a few minutes out of your time to play.

Play Cervidae Here (Browser)