Chadwick the Charismagnetic – Game Jam Build Download


Chadwick the Charismagnetic, a challenging arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you moving a little knight around an environment around with a giant magnet!

Chadwick is trapped in this circular dungeon, only able to move by the magnetic force of a giant magnet located outside the dungeon. This magnet can only move around the circle outside the room. Each time a game begins, random bits of building, dragons, spikes, and spiked pillars appear. You must use the magnet to pull Chadwick, as well as any spiked pillars, around the area. These pillars can be used to kill the dragons chasing you, if you are skilled enough to move them without killing yourself!

As Chadwick is lighter, he moves a touch faster than the pillars which allows you to manoeuvre him away from them and towards the gems you need to collect. Chadwick the Charismagnetic is a tough game and requires some real skill as you pull spikes away from your character and keep dragons at bay. With so many hazards around, you must make sure you are careful in this ever-moving dungeon.

Download Chadwick the Charismagnetic Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)