Chained – Student Project


Sidescrolling platformers have solidified their comeback in recent years, more specifically on the indie scene. Here’s an example of a 2D view/3D Art platformer done right – Chained.

It’s unique flavor and addicting gameplay put it right on the map not too far from the likes of Limbo or Cave Story, but with a Silent Hill 2 overtone. Now don’t go in expecting straight jackets or nurses, but the character you play as might be comparable to James Sunderland in a sense (we’ll stop there as to not reveal any potential spoilers).

Chained puts you in the shoes of a supposed “family man” (who looks a bit like Stu-Pot from Gorillaz) who made some selfish choices that ultimately manifested his guilt and transgressions into an ethereal ball and chain. This ill-received companion actually proves to be a very fun gameplay element that makes for an interesting playthrough.

You’ll use this ball and chain to traverse your home that’s falling apart and being eaten by what seems to be a demonic cave system surrounding your house. Pick up the ball and walk very slowly around to find a way to atone for your past, and use it to throw at walls to break them down, or toss up on a ledge to climb the chain up.

Typically in games, you’ll get frustrated when your character is forced to move slowly (don’t you hate it in Minecraft when you’re trying to walk against running water?) however the anticipation of what comes next or what obstacle lies before you is enough to push yourself through that excruciating trudge through what was once your home.

The score sets the stage for this seemingly magical yet melancholic show, with an atmosphere that feels a bit like Banjo-Kazooie, the Frantic Factory level of DK64, brushed ever-so-slightly by Tim Burton. This is another title that can’t be missed from DigiPen students, and should already be installed on your PC!

Download Chained HERE