Chains of Fury – Alpha Demo

Chains of Fury is a brutal comic book styled FPS where you don’t need to faff about with keys or keycards – you can literally punch or shoot your way through the doors and walls!

In Chains of Fury you take on the role of a mercenary who has outlived his usefulness to the shady organization he was working for. Now you must punch and shoot your way out of prison and get the money that you’re due for your last job – and in this game you really do punch and shoot your way out, because all the doors and the majority of the walls are totally destructible!

The current build of Chains of Fury is still early in development but it shows a lot of promise. It’s got a great comic book visual style and classic 90’s run ’n gun gameplay. The guns don’t feel great at the moment (largely because they feel a bit underpowered and the death animations of your enemies don’t seem to correspond to how you shot them), but the punching and the environmental destruction is a lot of fun. Certainly worth checking out if you hate FPS games that constantly have you searching for keycards!

Download Chains of Fury Alpha Demo Here (Steam)