Chalkboard – Prototype Download

Chalkboard is a very stylish little isometric puzzle adventure where you use a magical piece of chalk to draw holes in the chalkboard walls of the environment.

Taking place in a beautiful sketch drawing styled world, Chalkboard is a game where finding or unlocking a door is never a problem, because you can just draw one! In each of the levels you can take out your chalk and draw on the big black chalkboard walls create square holes. These holes are not only handy for allowing you to pass through, but can also let other things through – like wind and water.

The current prototype build of Chalkboard only features a handful of levels and they’re very easy to beat, but the chalk drawing mechanics are great fun and the visual design is fantastic. If the devs can expand on it and introduce some more challenging puzzle designs then it could be a fantastic little puzzle adventure. A charming chalky adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Chalkboard Prototype Here (Windows)