Chalkship – Beta Demo

Chalkship is a charming and challenging precision flying adventure where you attempt to pilot your little chalk-based rocketship around vast, deadly, and secret-filled levels that are built on a huge chalkboard.

In Chalkship you take control of a little rocketship and try to maneuver it around deadly environments created on a huge chalkboard with an aim of rescuing your two teddy bear friends. Your ship has momentum and thrust mechanics similar to the classic Lunar Lander and Thrust games, so you need to be precise with your movement and use controlled burst of your thrusters to make it through.

The current build of Chalkship features one massive level that takes around 15 minutes to play through (and more if you want to save both the bears and collect the stars). Your rocket is pretty nimble once you get the hang of it and the game offers a nice amount of challenge but what impresses most is the charming visual style and the creative use of everyday objects to build the level (a little like the classic Micro Machines games). It’s a great game that blends classic precision flying arcade gameplay with a charming game world that’s packed full of character. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Chalkship Beta Demo Here (Windows)