Chaos Reborn – Prototype

Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn is a great looking tactical turn based strategy game from Julian Gollop – an original creator of XCOM and one of the godfathers of turn based strategy.

Part sequel, part re-imagining of the original ZX Spectrum game ‘Chaos‘, Chaos Reborn takes the original formula and builds on it, updating it for the modern day.  It’s a battle between wizards, with each player in control of one wizard, using a variety of summons and spells to defeat the other wizards and be declared the winner.  It’s a game that’s easy to pick up, but offers lots of depth, with plenty of strategic options and opportunity for bluff and deception.

battles last around 10-30 minutes, with 80 unique spells, including 24 different creatures – from dragons to goblins.  The prototype is multplayer skirmishes only, but the full game promises progression and story, with you starting off as an apprentice wizard, ascending the ranks through Wizard Lord, Wizard King, Demigod and ultimately God,  where you can influence the fate of the cosmos.

It’s still early in development, but even the prototype of Chaos Reborn is a thoroughly enjoyable turn based arena warfare game, offering plenty tactical nuances and fun, fast paced matches.  Great for short bouts of tactical turn based wizardry.

Check out the Kickstarter page and play the Prototype through a Unity supported browser HERE