Chaos64 – Game Jam Build

Chaos 64 Game Download

Chaos64, a short and intense puzzle action platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you making your way through your exploding spaceship after it’s suffered a catastrophic attack!

Your ship has been attacked, so you now have to make your way through it, dispatching the intruders. You have your gun and a handy telekinetic power to keep you alive through this harsh environment. There are different types of enemies; some are turrets that stay in place, others are giant bug-esque enemies that fly towards you. All of which will need to be destroyed before they kill you. Your damaged ship also contains fire and lasers that can destroy you, so do watch your step!

Yellow boxes in this game can be moved by your mouse and used to block off lasers, squash enemies or help you reach new areas. Other boxes can be destroyed with your gun – but you do have very limited ammo! You will need to search around and find more, so that you can continue to defend yourself. The game world is only illuminated from your characters point of view, but your mouse also works as a small spotlight that can be used to spot things the character can’t directly see.

Chaos64 manages to pack a nice selection of gameplay mechanics int it’s short playtime and the stylish low rez visuals are very cool. A fun little romp that’s packed full of ideas, chaos and destruction.

Play Chaos64 Here (Browser)