Charmixy: Witch Academy – Alpha Download


Charmixy: Witch Academy is a charming spell-binding puzzle combat game that pits players against each other in fast paced block dropping action.

Edelwhite Academy, a place full of witches, has many secrets and evils that lurk within. Through this spell-binding puzzler you can battle your friends and other classmates in a match-based game. You must match elemental blocks to expose blue hearts at the top of the screen. Once these hearts are exposed, you must use your spells to destroy them. At the beginning of each battle, you can equip up to four spells for your player to use. The more elements you combine, the more you can use your spells. Discovering all of the different uses for these charms and spells is half of the fun of this game.

Currently, this game is just at the puzzle stage, with beautiful graphics and an amazing soundtrack. The gameplay alone will have you addicted and battling your friends. In the future, you will be able to brew potions that can give you a small stat boost in the game. Shopping for accessories, hanging out with classmates, and even taking classes are all planned for the future.  For now though, enjoy the charming art and spell-casting gameplay in this adorable puzzle game.

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Download The Charmixy: Witch Academy Alpha HERE