Chasing Birds – Game Jam Build

Chasing Birds is a charming little experience that allows you to control a cute little dog as it runs around in the park, makes friends, chases birds and does other general doggie things.

There are no objectives or ways to fail in Chasing Birds, you simply enjoy being a dog in a bird-filled park. Being a dog the main enjoyment comes from chasing birds and watching them scatter into the air, but there’s lots of other little things to do as well. You can dig holes, pick up sticks, chase squirrels up trees, make friends with other dogs and even pee on fire hydrants.

It’s a great little game with charming visuals and chilled out doggie gameplay that continually makes you smile. So what are you waiting for? Those birds aren’t going to chase themselves!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Chasing Birds Here (Windows & Mac)