Chasing Static – Alpha Demo

Chasing Static is a retro styled psychological horror adventure that draws inspiration from 80’s Sci-Fi horror and contemporary surrealist cinema as you discover dark secrets in the untouched wilderness of rural Wales.

Currently in development by Headware Games (creators of Guard Duty), in Chasing Static you take on the role of a young man who returns to his childhood home in Wales for his father’s funeral. Your father kept a journal that was filled with mysterious notes about his research, seemingly related to something called “The Garden”. It looks like your father’s research may come in handy as, while getting a little shelter in a roadside coffee shop, you end up a strange alternate version of the world full of glowing spores, strange visions and dead bodies.

The Chasing Static demo build takes around 20 minutes to play through and really draws you in with its intriguing story, unique setting, lo-fi visuals and realistic characters. The well crafted cutscenes and high quality voice acting make for a very cinematic experience and there’s a real sense of the uncanny throughout. By the end you’ll be dying to find out what’s going on in that bunker. Highly Recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

Special Thanks to Erin for the heads up about this game!