Cheatin’ Hitman – Game Jam Build Download


Cheatin’ Hitman is a fun little sandbox puzzle game in which you play a hitman who’s had a change of heart about his profession, and has decided to stage his targets deaths instead of assassinate them for real.

Created for the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 4, Cheatin’ Hitman sees you taking control of Nick Breckon – a Hitman (and Podcast Host) who has a change of mind about the rather murdery nature of his profession. The problem is that his agency still wants him to fulfil contracts and will eliminate him if he decides to leave. The only option is to use props, make-up and a camera to stage the deaths of your targets, hopefully doing a good enough job to avoid suspicion from the agency.

The gameplay of Cheatin’ Hitman is fairly easy to pick up and play; you’re given a target and a list of conditions that need to be fulfilled (for example, it may have to be in an alleyway, using poison at night time). You then use backgrounds, props and make-up which can be purchased from a shop to stage the perfect fake assassination, even bending the limbs of your target into a mangled mess to increase the authenticity. You have plenty of cash to purchase props so you’re best off adding as many of them in the background of the scene as possible as they help decrease the suspicion of your employers. Once you’ve set the perfect scene you simply find a nice angle to take a picture from and send it to your agency then send your (still living) target on their way.

Cheatin’ Hitman was created during a short time for a game jam, so does have a few rough edges and only has a few levels at the moment. But hopefully the dev will continue to work on the game as the core concept is superb, it’s full of great humor and it’s a lot of fun attempting to stage the perfect fake assassination. We’d really love to see more adventures of Nick Breckon – the cheatin’ hitman with a heart!

Download Cheatin’ Hitman Here (Windows)