Check, Please! – Game Jam Build

Check, Please! is a super silly little physics based dating sim that sees you clumsily attempting to impress your date in a restaurant.

In Check, Please! You control a disembodied hand using the mouse, with the left mouse button used to grab things and the right mouse button to rotate. Your hand is pretty clumsy and you’ll most likely knock most of the items on the table over, but with a little effort you can perform some rudimentary tasks like lighting a candle and pouring some wine. Your partner doesn’t like waiting too long for you to perform these tasks though and you need to avoid hitting her with anything too as that can result in a quick fail.

Check, Please! Is very short and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any way to successfully complete the third task, but it’s a fun little game that’s well worth checking out for some physics based hilarity. The soundtrack and visuals are excellent and it would be great to see it expanded on in the future – it’d be nice to make it through to desert!

Download Check, Please! Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

2 thoughts on “Check, Please! – Game Jam Build”

  1. It’s about a 3 or 4 minute game. Physics are kind of buggy (things try to spawn inside other things) and the controls are limited (no key bound to raise your hand higher), but it’s game jam, so for that it’s pretty good. You can complete the 3rd task now, I don’t know if it was updated since the writeup, but you just need to grab a fork and get the tines near a meatball and put it near her mouth.

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