Cheeky Chooks – Beta Download

Cheeky Chooks is an adorable little farming game that allows you to create your own chicken farm, and to be successful you’ll need to keep these little creatures happy!

In Cheeky Chooks your farm starts off quite plain and small, but the tutorial walks you through all the necessities of the chickens. Normal chickens need normal items like water, food, and a perch. At night, they will go inside their coop, where they will also lay eggs during the day. These eggs can be sold for more cash, which can be spend on upgrades for your existing items or to purchase new ones.

As you grow your little farm and gain more money, you will start to unlock some special chickens. Unlike the normal chickens, these chickens are fussy and require better items. Bounce houses, heated toilets, and more are required to please these new chickens. It takes a while to unlock the special chickens though – you’re probably going to spend a few days with just the plain old normal chickens.

Chickens will play around in the farm during the day and head to bed at night. Sometimes, bonus events will play out, allowing you and your helpful chickens to complete a task for a ton of cash. You also receive fun little chicken facts and you get warnings if there isn’t enough food or water.

It’s a fun little management game with lots of great little touches and loads of fun stuff to unlock. A cute and super addictive chicken farming game full of cheerful chickeny goodness.

Download Cheeky Chooks Here (Windows & Android)