Chess Wars – Student Game Download

Chess Wars features a fun fusion of Chess and turn-based combat, with pieces taking part in tactical turn-based battles when they take each other.

Playable in local multiplayer or in single player against an AI, Chess Wars infuses a bit of turn based RPG combat into the age old game of Chess. The pieces all move as they would in a normal game of Chess and you still win by getting the king into checkmate, but then you attempt to take a piece then you enter into a turn-based battle and the winner is not always the piece that was trying to take the other one.

Each of your pieces has their own stats, attacks, mana and health bars, and you can cast a variety of offensive and defensive spells in turn-based combat. You capture a piece by depleting its health bar and even a pawn can beat a Queen, but it can be tough – no battle is a forgone conclusion. Useful collectibles spawn on the board too, which can really help turn the tide of battle.

It’s a fun twist on the classic game of Chess that works surprisingly well, has a great visual style and is easy to pick up and play. Well worth check-ing out.

Download Chess Wars Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)