Chester United – Alpha Demo

Chester United

Chester United is an awesome new platformer that allows you to swap between characters and visual styles on-the-fly, allowing you to use different abilities and access secrets while showing off some gorgeous level design and animation at the same time.

The original Chester was a solid and well liked platformer, but Chester United looks set to crank everything up to 11, and then some.  Firstly the art styles are gorgeous, Chester United allows you to switch between them at the push of a button, showing off some beautiful artwork, altering the world significantly and allowing you to unearth hidden secrets too.  The styles available in the demo include a snazzy storybook style, a cool retro pixel art style and two sketch styles.

You can also switch between characters once unlocked, playing as Chesters from other Chesterverses, all with different playstyles, strengths and weaknesses.  A particular highlight at the moment is a weird gangly Chester that floats about and barfs teeth at enemies.  The Alpha Demo features 1 overworld, 3 levels, 4 Chesters, and 4 Styles, with a ton of new art styles and characters due to join the roster in the full game, making for an epic platformer with lots of character (literaly), style, and replayability.  Rayman wishes he was this cool.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available