Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation – Alpha Demo

Chicken Assault

Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation is a retro-inspired, roleplaying clicker game where you play as Mean McAllister, a macho chicken on a quest to kick ass and eat corn niblets.

Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation take elements of roleplaying games (namely acquiring progressively stronger armour/weapons, selecting skill points, and levelling up your character) and smashes them together with clicker game mechanics, crafting an intriguing battle system that is both simple and addictive. As you beat up waves of enemies, you’ll acquire experience points and souls, the latter of which acts as the currency for skill points and item acquisition. Hitting your opponent feels decently solid, with a nice juicy thumping sound effect to accompany each hit. Combat isn’t perfect though as the occasional overlap between enemies will sometimes confuse the game’s target selection.

Chicken Assassin no doubt has some truly gorgeous artwork. The cut-out animation compliments the painterly style perfectly, creating a gritty, yet whimsical world that manages to support the bizarre concept of a buff chicken bro brawl. However, and this is a very big “however”, Chicken Assassin does display some truly awful stereotyping with its character designs. The first set of enemies you’ll encounter are Street Thugs and Educated Thugs, both of which are vile caricatures that look like they’d be more at home in a WW2 propaganda cartoon than a silly game about juiced-up chicken fights. Their presence is jarring and unnecessary and we sincerely hope the developers will reassess their designs going forward.

Chicken Assassin also suffers from some truly terrible UI/UX design in so far as the menus are concerned. Without adequate feedback on the main menu screen, it took us several minutes to understand what each interaction was meant to represent. Also, item management is currently a bit of a headache, as the absurdly small inventory space will have you jostling back and forth constantly as you attempt to organize your paltry collection of odds and ends. The “sell” and “equip” actions are also placed far too closely together on each item and so frequent misclicks are unfortunate reality in this build.

Despite its various glaring issues, Chicken Assassin is still a very compelling and engaging game. We actually had a hard time pulling ourselves away from it to write this article! Chicken Assassin may have its faults, but with a few simple adjustments to their design, we’d be happy to recommend this barnyard battle to anyone looking for some mindless, fast-clicking fun.

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  1. Hey – Oneshark here, the devs from Chicken Assassin. So you know, we read the article and really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. We are making a handful of changes related to this and the full release should contain some of what you highlighted here. Thanks again. We’ll continue to check in to Alphabetagamer as time goes on!

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