Chickendemic – Game Jam Build Download

chickendemic 2

Chickendemic, a game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you piloting a chopper and saving humanity from an invasion of evil killer chickens!

The world is full of poverty and large demands on food. Local farmers, in order to please the CFC fast food chain’s demand for chicken, have started using means of evil to produce more product. Due to this use of evil means, these chickens have become something more diabolical. They have begun to attack the humans living on earth, consuming them.

One soldier, who was deemed insane for calling chickens evil creatures from hell, is now what the remaining population depends on. This soldier is ready to face these chickens and save the world – with his trusty helicopter.

You must fly around the world, collecting stranded people who are being attacked by these evil, mutant, chickens! People will run towards your helicopter and try to grab onto your ladder. You must make sure no chickens are around to jump on them, pulling them off.

The chickens will not only hurt the people you are trying to save, but they will also try to attack your helicopter.If you are fast, you can tilt your helicopter so that the chickens jump into the blades on the top – chopping them up. You also can shoot at them with your helicopter’s gun. Throughout the game there are also power-ups that can fix your helicopter or upgrade your weapons. Do not let the people stay on the ground too long or the foul chickens will be the death of them!

Chickens make for a surprisingly deadly foe in Chickendemic.  A clucking good fun chicken-em-up.

Download Chickendemic HERE (Windows only)