Child of Fire – Game Jam Build


Child of Fire, a charming 2D pixel art puzzle platformer made for the GBJam 5, has you exploring a cavern filled with light and darkness as you attempt to find out what put you there in the first place.

In the game you play as the Child of Fire, a kid who has the power to turn his hair into flames. These flames help reveal the world around you in its light form, activating machines and revealing platforms that you can use to get around. It’s very useful, but sometimes the light can be a hindrance, forming platforms that block the way, so you need to turn off the fire to get through. Lights also dot some levels and can be moved around, illuminating platforms or activating switches that open new areas. There are also light bugs deep in the cavern. These bugs are repelled by your light and the light of torches. You can use their fear of light to direct them and guide them onto buttons to help you out.  

The mysterious world of Child of Fire is full of inventive puzzles, secret platforms, beautiful pixel art animation and fun gameplay. A perfect little pixel art puzzle platformer well worth shining a light on.

Play Child of Fire Here (Browser)