Child Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Child Simulator Game Download

Child Simulator is a very silly little game that authentically simulates the joys of being a parent, creating the child within the womb then watching with pride as the little moron is terrible at every activity they try.

In Child Simulator you start the game drawing individual body parts which are then stuck together to form your child and fired out of the womb like a cannon. From there on in watching your child grow up is just an endless stream of disappointment. Sports, musical abilities and written tests – your kid sucks at them all. You help your child perform these tasks in silly minigames that are impossible to win (due to your child’s ineptitude), but funny to undertake, especially the written tests.

Child Simulator was created for the So Bad It’s Good Jam, and so perhaps unsurprisingly it is indeed so bad that it’s good. It’s janky, visually unpleasing, has a few weird bugs and is ludicrously unfair, but it’s also very funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Super silly child simulation that’ll really test your parenting skills!

Download Child Simulator Here (Windows)