Children of Silentown – Beta Demo

Children of Silentown is a creepy and beautifully animated point and click adventure game which follows the story of Lucy, a young girl who lives in a small village, deep within a forest that’s inhabited by monsters.

Currently in development by Luna2 Studio and Elf Games (creators of Little Briar Rose), the stylish hand-drawn adventure of Children of Silentown takes place in the titular Silentown – a village that looks pretty idyllic by day, but by night it’s another matter altogether. Once the sun goes down shadowy monsters stalk the streets and there’s a good chance that anyone who is not locked up safe at home will never be seen again.

Much like the rest of the children in Silentown, Lucy is terrified of the forest, and she’s also plagued with recurring nightmares that disrupt her sleep. The village constantly lives in fear of the darkness that surrounds it, but has also come to accept it as part of their daily life and disappearances are pretty common. Lucy is old enough to investigate on her own now though. Or so she thinks…

The current build of Children of Silentown takes around 20 minutes to play through and serves as a nice introduction to Lucy and the strange town she lives in. The village is a fairly pleasant place to be during the daytime, though it’s clearly quite isolated and the darkness that surrounds it has taken its toll on the villagers (a little like in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village). You only get a little taste of what it looks like at night time in the demo, but needless to say if you lived there, you’d be locking your doors firmly.

The traditional point and click adventure style puzzles of Children of Silentown are fairly simple, but there’s also an interesting musical element that will come into play more in the full game. The hand-drawn art style is fantastic, with the environment full of great little details and the haunted looks of the villagers that inhabit it are especially striking. There’s real hand-crafted beauty to the darkness of this charming, creepy and beautifully animated adventure. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Beta Demo Here (Available For a Limited Time Only)