Children of the Sun – Beta Demo

Children of the Sun is a stylish mouse-controlled sniper assassination game where you attempt to eliminate every enemy in an area with just a single bullet.

In Children of the Sun you are a skilled marksman who is waging a one-woman war against an evil cult. You’re outnumbered and outgunned, but you do have a sniper rifle and you’re a VERY shot with it!

Children of the Sun is entirely mouse controlled. At the start of each mission you can make your character run in a circle around the mission areas to do a little reconnaissance and mark targets. Then when you’re ready to take your shot you line up and fire…

You only get one bullet per level though, so you really need to make it count. Each time you hit an enemy you can then redirect the bullet at another enemy (or explosive target) in your line of sight. If there are no targets in your line of sight then you can also bend the bullet, which requires a little more skill.

It’s a fun blend of sniper assaination and puzzle gameplay, with satisfying executions and well designed levels that allow for a good amount of player freedom. It’s got a very cool visual style too and it’s impressive that the whole thing can be controlled with just a mouse.

Download The Children of the Sun Beta Demo Here (Steam)