Chill and Chart – Game Jam Build Download

chill and chart game download

Chill and Chart is a relaxing exploration game made for the Slow Jam, that has you mapping out an uncharted island, with just a compass, a piece of paper and some pencils.

You are the first person to ever make it to this little island, and as a royal cartographer, you are looking to map out the lay of the land. This means that you must explore around and draw what you come across, documenting the area for others to see. It may take some exploring to get an idea of how big of an area you need to draw and where the islands significant landmarks are, but there’s a mountain you can climb to get a good viewpoint.

As you explore, you can switch into the map mode, where you are able to choose from a few different colored pencils to draw out your map. This island has water, mountains, sand, and forest areas – all places that need to be documented on your map. You can even name the island at the top of it, if you want! There is also an eraser tool, of course, for any mistakes you may make.

Chill and Chart is a very slow paced and chilled out experience and there’s no distinct end goal, figuring out the lay of the land is its own reward. It’s a relaxing little game with charming visuals and a nice sense of discovery as you explore and map the island – and as you’re the one that’s charting it, you can name all the landmarks whatever you like!

Note: Press ‘M’ To Bring Up The Map

Play or Download Chill and Chart Here (Win, Mac & Browser)